Which Variables Affect The Cost Manuscript Editing?

Posted on March 3, 2015

Authors keep on wondering how much they will be expected to incur for their editing activities. It is a little bit tricky to quote the exact amount of money that a person will be expected to pay for manuscript editing services. If an individual were to go ahead and give a quotation maybe they will be wrong and maybe they will be right. This does not mean that the real thing lies in opinions but rather it is affected by various variables which keep on changing every now and then. This is why giving a quotation might be misleading. The variables that affect the cost of editing a given book, manuscript or a collection of given papers include the following:
The length of work to be edited says a lot to the editor. Reading through written work and correcting mistakes takes time and therefore the longer the work to be edited the more money an individual should be ready to part with. Another important aspect to consider is how well or poor is a given manuscript written. This means that the number of mistakes that are present in a given piece of writing also affects the cost of editing. A person who wants to spend less should take time and rectify some mistakes which are visible to them. This helps in reducing the editor’s workload. An editor will charge a person more if a given piece of writing has a lot of mistakes.
The level of editing that should be done to a given piece of writing affects the workload of the editor. An editor who is only expected to correct some small grammar mistakes might not charge their client more money. If in case high quality scientific manuscript editing services activities that should be done entails change of sentence structures and paraphrasing some sentences then this is a higher level of editing that should be expensive. There are some writings that do not have meaning and therefore it becomes the responsibility of the editor to give some sentences meaning. It is more tedious and therefore expensive.
The time given for a certain piece of work should also be considered. An individual who wants their work to be edited within the shortest time possible should be ready to pay more for the services. An editor will charge more money if they have less time because they are forced to work under pressure on a certain project. They might also be forced to hire other editors to help them finalize the work if time does not allow them to be through. The cost of editing will also depend on the editor. Those people who have been offering best for journal manuscript editing services for a very long time and have enough experience should be expected to charge more. Those editors who are not experienced charge less. A person who is interested in using less money should not go for the most experienced editors because it might be costly to them. A person can therefore plan well and pay the amount they want for editing just provided they know when each of the above variables affects the cost of editing.

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