Things to know about Penetration Hacking

Posted on October 10, 2014

A penetration testing, also known as penetration test is the process of attacking a computer system with the main purpose of gaining unauthorized access to it. More often than not, people use this method to test a computer, web software and network to find the loopholes that a hacker could take advantage of.
Penetration tests can be programmed with software or can be done physically. Regardless of the method used, the process involves gathering critical data and information prior to the actual test. The test will help one detect system security weaknesses and recording down the discoveries. For ethical hacking in Sydney, just click the hyperlink provided for more information.
The main reason for carrying out this test is to determine whether the security of the system is up to par. They are at times used to test whether companies and organization have complied with the security policies. It will also show the ability of the organization to respond should there be any security breaches. You can visit this great site for all inquiries.
A white hat attack is another name for penetration tests. This is because those who are trying to gain unauthorized access to the system aren’t bad guys. The test is usually carried out by a team of IT experts. They normally work together to complete the work. There are different types of pen test and external testing is one of them. This type of test is often done to test organization’s external devices and servers such as firewalls, domain name servers, web servers and email servers. The main aim is to determine whether these servers and devices can be a target for hackers.
An internal testing, on the other hand, attempts to identify whether one is able to easily attack the inside of the system. This test is important to determine the level of damage a potential hacker could cause. Next is blind testing. This test is aimed at mimicking the processes and techniques an attacker can use to compromise the system. The experts conducting the test will be supplied with very limited information regarding the system. Ideally, the team doing the testing will be given the company’s name and other details will be withheld. Often, this type of penetration test requires a great deal of time, resources and expertise. It is also very expensive.
The last type of testing is double blind testing. This kind of pen test is often performed when most people within the organization are not aware. Perhaps, only two to three people will be informed that the test is being conducted. Generally, this kind of testing is normally done to test the organization’s ability to respond to system security problems.
In conclusion, a pen test is the act of assessing the security measures of an organization using the very same techniques and tools a real hacker will use. The whole process is usually referred to as ethical hacking. The benefits of performing these tests are manifold. One of the main advantages of performing pen tests is the fact that an organization will be able to gauge its ability to deal with security breaches. This way, they will be able to safeguard their critical data before the hacker manages to do an irreparable damage.

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